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The phone call after Nashville - About Borderville

Oppdatert: 13. mai 2020

After our vacation in Nashville, I was still a little overwhelmed by everything that had happened in Nashville! But I had more to come! I was sitting at our citchen table when I got a message on my phone! It said: Have you got a nice phone call today, Daniel? I hadn't received any phone calls. I could see I had some missed calls but i had not had the time to check it out.The person who sent the message then called me to ask if I would be their lead vocal in a new Country band in Norway! This person who called and the others in this trio are known Norwegian musicians who have operated in the industry for many years! I was again overwhelmed by everything and at the same time very grateful! The one writing this message was Tommy Michaelsen known from Picasso and Vagabond, And the other guy that had been trying to call me was no other than Ole K. Ruud - Producer and multi million streamed artist! No wonder i was overwhelmed!

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