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Storm over New York

Oppdatert: 17. okt. 2019

It's strange how a whole lot of coincidence can lead to so much good!

My Wife, Two Friends and I Went Home After a Successful Vacation In Nashville! Unfortunately the plane was canceled and we got one more day in Nashville. We took the opportunity to go listen to Kinsey Rose who was playing at Legend Corner in Nashville. I was then invited to the stage and had the opportunity to sing an old favorite by Hank Williams JR. (Old habíts like you) in the audience and I was overwhelmed by standing on a stage in Nashville and at the same time getting standing applause from the audience. One who listened to was songwriter Tony Olson Ifra Idaho. He was visiting the city to try to find one that could sing his songs in Europe and also in the US. He told me he liked what he heard and would like to work with me. He was to meet Producer Dave Damay (former winner of Star Search) and asked me if I had any time left over to meet him. Off course I had and we talked a little bit about a further collaboration. To make a long story short .... These coincidences, as well as being in the right place at the right time, have resulted in me now making an EP with it the Blake Shelton Band at Sound City Studio In Nashville! Am so glad there was a storm in New York and we had to wait this extra day in Nashville! There will probably be many trips there in hindsight :) back to this wonderful city

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