• Daniel Borge

The Ghost of Legends Corner

Oppdatert: 13. mai 2020

We where sitting at legends and heard Kinsey Rose play. Then an older man came over to me. He told me stories from Nashville about old legends like Jonny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Keith Whitley etc ... He wanted to give me a lucky charm! He the gave me his hat! An old straw hat that he had on his head! As he gave it to me he told me that the hat was going to bring me luck! after this insident I always bring the hat with me when I do some music related :) I've asked many of those working at Legends Corner about this man. No one recognizes him by the description I gave. Even though he said to me that he`d been there so many years. He even went to clear the border there as if he owned the place .... Really wondering who he was ...

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