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There I was - Daniel Borge
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There I was

The story of Daniel Borge

A twist of faith resulted in the American dream

A cancelled flight turned out to be the beginning of Daniel Borge´s music journey. The delayed return to Norway forced Borge and his friends back to Broadway(Nashville). Little did they know, that the extra time they were given in Nashville would be completely life changing!

The summer of 2019, Daniel Borge, his wife and a few friends traveled to Nashville for the CMA festival. The plan was to enjoy the music, nightlife and the atmosphere that the city has to offer. After an amazing weekend in Music City, these friends found themself at the airport. After checking in and passing the security check, they were about to start the long journey of connected flights back home to Norway.  Ready to board their first flight to New York, an announcement passed trough the speakers: Their flight was cancelled due to bad weather in New York. Given a few more hours in music city, the friends decided to return to Broadway.

Daniels Borge´s friend, the American singer Kinsey Rose, was having a show at the venue Legends Corner at Broadway. Naturally Daniel and his friends decided to see it. Kinsey Rose is a household name in Norway, as she travels to Norway each year to play shows and festivals. As Daniel and the crew rolled their suitcases into the venue, Kinsey Rose asked if Daniel would like to sing a song. Daniel, being a hobby musician at the time, decided to jump at the opportunity. A clearly nervous Daniel chose the classic country song «Old habits like you» by Hank Williams JR. Daniel was unaware that in the same venue, some very experienced musicians were watching.

The audience was clearly surprised and thrilled by the talented Norwegian. Just as Daniel was stepping down from stage, overwhelmed by a standing ovation, a songwriter and a producer approached him. They were interested in a collaboration with the Norwegian who they thought had a unique voice.

To Daniel, it has always been important to work worldwide. Daniel is currently working with some of the best names in country music in Nashville USA; The producer and songwriter Davis Branch(Sean Stemaly, Luke Combs, Tyler Braden, Ryan Robinette) and producer Brad Hill (Brett Young, Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne). Over the last year Daniel has had the pleasure to work with Blake Shelton Band and performing with the American country gospel band «The Isaacs».  Daniel has also build up a solid network in Nashville and the UK, doing collaborations with fellow songwriters.

His collaborations and modern music style have brought the modern country music to Europe, and changed the way Europe relates to modern country. This has also worked as a door opener back to the home of country music, USA. His fanbase are equally in growth both in Europe as it is the US. Daniel is making plans to move to the USA, to continue
connecting with the music industry, fans and other artists as well as making more music.

The future is bright for this promising new artist, as he continues to make new moves in his journey. His energy, strong sense of identity and raw talent, combined with his solid  controlled voice and charming charisma leaves an impression that lasts. A leap of faith was all it took, to pave this artist way in pursuit of music.

«When I first started my journey, I had just a small dream of what I could accomplish» Daniel reflects. «Then one dream after the other came true, and I dared to dream big. I will reach the top, that’s my dream and my goal right now. I know it’s hard work, but I´m ready to do what it takes.»

                                            Written by
                                    Linda Eriksen/Boots of Norway

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Countrychat with Dom

As country singers go, Daniel Borge sits there with the elites of Luke Combs, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, in terms of his pure lyricism, dedication to the art and natural and honest talent. If Daniel was to have been based in the epicentre of Nashville, it certainly would be his deep and husky voice we would be hearing day in and out across the airwaves but even on his own, he is making leaps and bounds within the industry. A natural born star!


Rachel, Scarlett River Management

'Daniel Borge is an incredibly talented singer songwriter with a passion for creating music that will relate to his audience. He is just as kind and friendly off stage as he is on stage, where he can definitely bring life & a party'

country 4 you.jpg

Linda Wehus, Country 4 you

Daniel Borge is a Norwegian artist who has been involved with music all his life. He has shown a versatility in the music industry through many years with various performances around Norway, but it is country music that is at the top of the list. Across national borders, he finds inspiration and the music city of Nashville has become the place where Daniel has had the opportunity to show that even an artist from Norway can find a place among many talented artists abroad. Daniel now works with talented musicians in both Norway and the USA

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The Unsigned reviewer

There I Was falling in love with this song that much so I forgot i had to do a review as I was enjoying it to much. The song displays Daniel`s musical talent, his strong accent witch fits perfectly for this genre of music

Country Radio NOrge.jpg

Tore Håland, Norsk country Radio

Daniel Borge på Norsk Country Radio 2020
Daniel Borge er etter det vi kan se på våre 15 år på luften 24/7 en av de som har utmekret seg enormt som Låtskriver og Artist, Stemmen hans når ut til lytterne og har på kort tid blitt en stor «Hit» spesielt hos det noe yngre lyttergruppen men også ellers da dette er kvalitetsmusikk og vi er stilte av og en så fantastisk representantf for Norsk Country,
Daniel Borge er på alle måter med på og heve nivået på Norsk Country Musikk både her hjemme men også internasjonalt noe vi merker på tilbakemeldinger fra lyttere verden over.

Vintage Radios

The Wood music

From the very start I loved his voice and how it just pulled me in while listening to his songs. He has that kind of voice that comforts you when you´re down, but also that voice that makes you wanna dance! He`s at the top of countrymusic in Norway and we are certain that he´s gonna make it to the top all over the world. We`ve had feedback from several artists and producers around the world who loves Daniels work.


A Passionate Performer

Daniel Borge is a singer/songwriter that is working with some of the best musicians in country music. In the last Year he`s been working with the Blake Shelton band, Singing with the the Isaacs and is currently working with top producers in Nashville like Brad Hill and Davis Branch.

Daniel Borge loves to harness the musical power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike.

Ever since a young age, Daniel Borge has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. Right now his fans are located in Norway and the US. But is also growing in the UK and rest of Europe.

He is currently making plans to move to Nashville where all of his music is being produced!

Daniel is saying that It will be a whole lot easier to make music that way.

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